To keep our feeds as natural as possible we do not add any preservatives or mould inhibitors. This means that the feed needs to be stored somewhere dry but well ventilated to avoid condensation or humidity otherwise it can go mouldy. We have included some tips below to help you store your Pure Feed.

We have included some helpful tips, observations, and suggestions below to help you store your Pure Feed:

  • Our bags are not waterproof, and our feeds need to breathe so we make the bags porous for that reason.
  • We do NOT use mould inhibitors as these can damage the bacteria in the hind gut that we are trying to encourage.
  • Remember if the bags get wet so can the feed – so dry the wet bag off immediately.
  • Feed that gets wet or damp will go mouldy and not be of any use.
  • Please make sure your bags are kept in a dry, ventilated place at all times.
  • Do not store feed directly on the floor – place on a pallet or other ventilated platform.
  • Feeds should be stored in a cool, dry environment. Condensation, heat, and humidity can cause the feed to go mouldy this is particularly true in hot and humid weather conditions.
  • Check the “best before” date which is found on the white stitched in label.
  • When you buy your feed from a stockist, check that you will have used the feed before the “best before” date.
  • Always make sure the oldest feed bags are at the top of the pile and that you completely use all the feed in your feed bin before emptying in a new bag.
  • Feed should be stored in a rodent proof container. 
  • Clear up any spilled feed to minimise easy pickings for rodents.
  • Ensure feed storage containers are cleaned regularly and allowed to dry before refilling.
  • If you are unlikely to be in to receive your delivery, please detail where the courier should put the goods in event of bad weather. This must be an easily accessible covered area.

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