Pure Feed plastics and carbon hoofprint policy

As everyone knows following Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II programme, there is an urgent need to reduce the world’s reliance on plastic.

Pure Feed wants to play its part in solving this challenge. We have a three-year plan, in which we aim to dramatically reduce our use of plastics.


There are three main areas we are looking at:

1. We envisage a move away from plastic materials in our feed bags at the beginning of 2021. The time between now and then will be spent developing a paper equivalent that will be able to deliver the same benefits as the current plastic bag. The key features being:

• Waterproof yet porous, allowing the feed to breathe.
• Not absorbing any of the added oils used in our recipes.
• Strong enough to withstand the stresses of transport and delivery without tearing.

2. We are exploring changing our plastic brand banners to all-weather cardboard.

3. We will be investigating the use of alternative materials to plastic for our pallet wrapping.


Use of cardboard

We are currently in the process of changing our delivery packaging for small orders.

By the end of 2018, we will be reducing our overall packaging for small orders by cutting out cardboard packing boxes. As per our plastics policy, this will be complemented by a move away from plastic materials in our feed bags in 2021.


We are dedicated to playing our part in making the world more sustainable: for those with two feet, four hooves and all life on our beautiful planet.