Pure Feed plastics and carbon hoofprint policy


We have recently reviewed our ‘Carbon Hoofprint’ policy in light of new information and the latest thinking on recyclability and environmental concerns.

As everyone knows following Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II programme in 2017 there is an important momentum and need to look at all areas of our environmental impact. This includes our reliance on plastic, our use of packaging materials and our overall environmental ‘care package’ both for us as a Company and in the wider context, for us as a species.

We have already stated that Pure Feed will play its part in addressing solving this challenge. We may be a small cog in a very large global wheel but will do our bit where we are able. We are in the middle of our three-year plan, in which we aim to reduce our use of plastics, cardboard and other packaging materials.

We will shortly start implementing changes to our use of plastics in our packaging processes by introducing recyclable paper bags for some of our products. These bags need to meet the following criteria.

  • Waterproof yet porous, allowing the feed to breathe.
  • Not absorbing any of the added oils used in our recipes.
  • Strong enough to withstand the stresses of transport and delivery without tearing
  • That the paper (wax lined) replacement is also easily recyclable
  • That the environmental impact in making the replacement is not greater than the environmental impact of using the current recyclable plastic product.

We have contracted an industry consultant to help and advise on our packaging policies and are always looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly and aware.

Our feed bags are made from poly recyclable LDPE 4 which is the same material as plastic carrier bags and plastic bread bags. LDPE 4 can be recycled in select local recycling centres and at many large supermarkets across the UK where they collect and recycle plastic carrier bags.

We are dedicated to playing our part in making the world more sustainable: for those with two feet, four hooves and all life on our beautiful planet.

Please Remember – Our bags are made from recyclable plastic – so please take them to your recycling centre – Thank you.