Guide to Hay Replacers: When and Why to Feed Them

Whether you have an older horse and you are looking at alternative fibre sources to hay or you have heard of hay replacers and just what to find out more about them, our guide will help provide you with some further information on hay replacers and how to include them in your horse’s diet.

What is a Hay Replacer?

This guide explains what a hay replacer is and the different types that are available. It will also explain why to feed them and how they can be a beneficial addition to your horse’s diet.

Not just for older horses

As well as being great for older horses hay replacers have many other benefits such as providing an additional source of fibre to your horse’s diet and helping to aid hydration. This guide will help explain these and how they can benefit competition horses and fussy eaters as well as older horses.

How Pure Feed can help 

As well as being full of information and advice we have also included some details about our Pure Meadow Mash and how to feed it. The guide contains pictures and quotes from people like you that have tried Pure Meadow Mash with their own horses.

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