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We share our expertise on a range of horse care and management issues. Our articles are particularly focused on nutrition, but this naturally links with other topics which we will cover too. We’ll also share relevant news about Pure Feed here.

What to feed a broodmare and foal

Nutrition plays a key role throughout the horse’s life. Ensuring the nutritional requirements of the broodmare are met during late stages of pregnancy and once the foal is born will help to support their growth and development.

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Can I feed my horse pumpkin?

With Halloween just around the corner, pumpkins can be found everywhere. At this time of year many of our customers may be wondering if it is safe to feed pumpkin to their horse as a treat.

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What are the best electrolytes for horses?

Following on from the webinar with David Marlin on ‘Do horses really need Supplements’, many of you had questions about electrolytes. David Marlin has answered some of your questions and provides some valuable insight into electrolyte supplementation.

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