Pure Feed nutritional team

Pure Feed has a team of equine professionals dedicated to designing natural, nutritious and delicious horse feeds. We also have expert horse nutritionists available to speak to customers who need advice and information on what best to feed their horse.

Meet our nutritional team below.

Lou Talintyre


A former stud farm owner, Lou is a nutritional geek and loves horses. Being a hands-on kind of person, she developed her own natural feeds for her horses when she couldn’t find what was right for them in the shops. They were so good they formed the foundations of what would become the Pure Feed range. Lou is at the forefront of the business, ensuring that our range continues to serve all our customers’ needs whilst staying true to her values. 

Check out our range of feeds which Lou helped to design.

Stephanie Mapletoft BSc (Hons), PGCert

Head of Nutrition

Stephanie is our head nutritionist with a first-class honours degree in equine science from the University of the West of England. She leads the nutrition team and helps customers on a daily basis with the nutritional issues of their horses. She is also heavily involved in developing our nutritionally sound range.

Have a question about your horse’s diet? To request a diet plan for your horse, simply complete this form, or call the nutrition team on 01458 333 333.

Anna Pyrah BSc (Hons),


Anna is a Director at The Pure Feed Company and is also an experienced equine nutritionist. Previously in her career she was head of racehorse nutrition based around Newmarket. Now she works with retailers across the UK to ensure our healthy products are easily available, supports the nutritional team and is involved in developing new feeds to meet the needs of our customers.

Want to find your nearest Pure Feed stockist? Visit our stockist page to find the closest store to you.

Sophie Brown BSc (Hons),


Sophie graduated in 2017 from Hartpury College with a first class BSc (Hons) in Animal Science. She has grown up with a love of horses and a keen interest in dressage. Sophie uses her natural passion and interest in horses and their nutrition, and the knowledge gained form her degree to offer bespoke nutrition plans and advice.

To request a diet plan for your horse, simply complete this form, or call the nutrition team on 01458 333 333.