What is a balancer and why are they important?

Balancers are complete feeds. They aim to provide your horse with a concentrated ration of protein, vitamins and minerals. Due to their low intake it makes them a great option for horses and ponies that are good doers. Typically, they come in pelleted form and only need to be fed in small quantities in comparison to other feeds.


Pure Balance Pile

When to feed a balancer?

Balancers are perfect for horses that are good doers. It provides them with the important micronutrients that they need without the extra calories. Although your horse may maintain their weight well on just grass and hay they could be missing out on key nutrients. Forage is of varying quality and can often be lacking in vitamins and minerals. Providing a balancer alongside their grazing or hay will ensure that your horse or pony isn’t missing out on any of their micronutrient requirements.

Balancers can also be fed alongside a complete feed if you are not feeding it at the recommended rate. Some horses need a feed in addition to their hay and grass to provide them with extra energy to maintain body condition. However, feeding the feed at the recommended rate to ensure that they are getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals, could provide them with too many calories causing them to put on weight. In this instance using the complete feed at a reduced feeding rate, and then topping up their feed with some additional balancer will make sure they are still getting all their daily micronutrients. It is always best to contact a nutritionist to check the feeding rates if you are using feeds in combination.

Some people may prefer to feed straights and so a balancer can be fed alongside this to provide the amino acids, vitamins and minerals.




Pure Balance:

Our Pure Balance provides a concentrated ration of vitamins and minerals for your horse. We include amino acids lysine and methionine to help build and maintain topline and muscle tone. As with all of our feeds it is free from molasses and wholegrain cereals making it low in both sugar and starch. Biotin is included to support healthy hooves. Linseed in the formulation helps support healthy skin and a shiny coat. In addition, pre and probiotic are provided to support the bacteria in the hind gut and aid fibre digestion.

You would need to feed 100g per 100kg bodyweight per day. One bag will last a typical 500kg horse for a whole month.

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