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The Pure Feed balancer which features in almost all our feeds can be bought as a standalone feed in Pure Balance. As a concentrated yet palatable pellet, it is fed in small quantities, and provides horses with everything they need nutritionally to complement their forage intake. This makes it a fantastic option for horses whose weight you are trying to closely control.

The family team at Woodside Endurance


Woodside Endurance is a family team based in Gloucestershire. Comprising of mum, Mary Stubbs, and twin daughters, Sarah Rogerson and Rachael Cratchley, they breed and train endurance horses to international level. They switched all their competition horses to Pure Feed in 2015 and have seen a huge improvement in condition, temperament and performance since doing so.

Mary chose Pure Balance because she felt it was the best balancer on the market and would therefore deliver optimum results in combination with the rest of their feeding regime.

“We find that they all maintain their weight a lot better…”

Mary describes the change to Pure Feed: “We have been using Pure Feeds for the last two years and believe it has made a massive improvement to our horses. We currently feed Pure Balance to all our competition horses. We find that they all maintain their weight a lot better – whether they are inclined to be under or overweight.”

Pure Balance is packed with high-quality ingredients. These include all the vitamins and minerals your horse needs, as well as amino acids, pre-biotics and pro-biotics. Just as important is what is not in Pure Balance – the feed is free from molasses and whole grain cereals.

Mary explains the positive effects of going with quality: “The overall amount we feed has reduced quite dramatically but the horses are in better condition with more topline, better coats and plenty of enthusiasm for their work.”

Feeding champion horses with Pure

It is not just in the yard that the horses have being doing well. These Pure fed horses have enjoyed considerable success in competition too. Mary proudly lists their 2017 triumphs:

This year our major results have been:

  • April 2017 Kings Forest 120 km 2* – 5th Rachael and Open T’ Offers, 80 km 1* – 7th Mary and Sachiya.
  • May 2017 Royal Windsor Endurance 120 km FEI 2* – 15th Sarah and Warrens Hill Rubyn.
  • July 2017 Cairngorm 100 miles – 1st and Best Condition Rachael and Open T’ Offers.
  • August 2017 Euston Park 120 km FEI 2* – Mary and Sachiya completion.
  • October 2017 Red Dragon 160 km National Championship – 2nd Sarah and Warrens Hill Rubyn, 3rd and Best Condition Rachael and Open T’ Offers.”
  • Sarah and Rubyn were also Senior National Champion, Best Pure Bred Arabian and Best Competitive Endurance Race horse in 2017

That is quite a roll of honour, and it is great to see that Pure Feed has played its part.

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