Temporary ingredient changes: Important note regarding variable supply chains

a handful of chopped forage suitable for veterans/horses with poor dentition.

Ingredient availability and raw material sourcing issues

Our ingredients are sourced predominantly from UK suppliers but as everyone is no doubt aware many raw materials are becoming more and more challenging to source. Supply and availability issues due to current conflicts have changed the demands facing the feed industry and products that were previously readily available are now in high demand.

Temporary ingredient changes

Due to these circumstances, we may face shortages or unavailability of one or two raw material ingredients that we use in our products. However, we will remain flexible and adapt to the situation – our overriding aim is to keep the nutritional profile and palatability of our products the same or as close to the same as we can, and to ensure you get the quality of feed you expect.

Where to find current ingredient information

You can stay up to date on the nutritional profile of your feed by checking our website for any advisory notices regarding temporary ingredient changes. In addition, the white label on the bag will accurately state the nutritional content of that batch of feed. Please note that the information on the white label may differ slightly from the nutritional analysis posted on our website, due to carrying information specific to that batch of feed.

You're always welcome to contact us

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions in the coming months about ingredient changes and what that means for you and your horse, you can call 01458 333 333 for a chat or email us – we’re more than happy to help.

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