Feeding supplements to horses | Your questions answered

A bay mare with her foal stand in a concrete floored yard. The mare has her head down checking out the contents of the feed tub in front of her foal. The foal is looking up and off camera.

During the recent Pure Feed hosted webinar ‘Do horses really need supplements?’ many of you submitted questions on feeding supplements to horses. David Marlin has provided answers to your questions in our latest blog.

What do you feed a veteran horse instead of hay?

Close-up of horse's muzzle while they eat hay. Text saying 'what do you feed a veteran horse instead of hay?'

For many of us, when we see our beloved veteran horses start to struggle with chewing hay it can give cause for concern. Hay replacers are an ideal way to provide your horse with an easy to chew source of fibre when they can no longer chew hay.

What to feed a broodmare and foal

Nutrition plays a key role throughout the horse’s life. Ensuring the nutritional requirements of the broodmare are met during late stages of pregnancy and once the foal is born will help to support their growth and development.

What is a balancer and why are they important?

Balancers are complete feeds, with a low feeding rate. They aim to provide your horse with a concentrated ration of protein, vitamins and minerals. Due to their low intake it makes them a great option for horses and ponies that are good doers.

5 helpful tips for feeding your horse this Winter

In the depths of winter, working horses are more likely to need a helping hand. The team here at Pure Feed have compiled some top winter feeding advice to help you and your horse during these cold months…