Reducing Pure Feed’s carbon hoofprint, one bag at a time

The perfect balance

When we considered the options, it wasn’t as simple as reaching for a paper bag. At Pure Feed, our products are free from mould inhibitors and preservatives, and many contain natural oils. As a result, not all packaging is appropriate for our products and our aim is for you to receive the healthiest, highest-quality feed for your horse or pony in an environmentally friendly way whilst ensuring the feed travels in a safe and secure manner.

We’ve all encountered the paper feed bags – they’re great when it’s dry but vulnerable to moisture and oils, which increases the chance of splitting or contamination. Waxed paper bags are more robust, but unfortunately aren’t recyclable which was a key concern for us. While we emphasise reducing our carbon hoofprint where possible, we also believe minimising wastage is an important part of that approach. We are limited by these constraints so have chosen LDPE-4 bags, which are made of 30% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. Perforations in the plastic improve grip and, more importantly, allow Pure Feed to breathe naturally, maintaining shelf life as long as it is stored properly.

Storage, recycling and reusing

To get the best out of our new bags, please make sure to transport and store Pure Feed in a dry, well-ventilated storage area. Keep off the floor or stored against outside walls. The breathable nature of the material does mean that the bags can take in moisture if kept in damp or humid conditions, or come into contact with rain, snow or hail. Our feeds do not contain mould inhibitors or chemical preservatives. Wet or damp feed will become mouldy.

When it’s time to recycle your Pure Feed bags, check your local council’s website for the nearest recycling facility. However, we have a feeling you’ll find a few uses for them – they’re great grow bags if you’re feeling green-fingered, and serve well as rubbish or muck bags. We don’t suggest using them for emergency show-day rain ponchos, but you can be the judge of that.

Contact the Pure Feed Nutritional Team

For advice on feeding your horse to help them stay calm and focused when ridden, or for more information about Pure Feed contact our friendly nutritional team. You can email [email protected] or call 01458 333 333. You can also request a free diet plan for your horse. 

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