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New branding for Pure Supplements, formerly Pure Plus. Black and white background of logs with the new four tubs picked out in colour, sitting in a row on a log. Pure Joint, Pure Gut Support, Pure Respiratory and Pure Electrolytes.

Pure Feed Company Supplements™

The Pure Feed Company – the high quality, natural horse feed brand – is rebranding its range of equine supplements with immediate effect, with the move including a transitioning of the name from Pure Plus to Pure Feed Company Supplements.

The decision to overhaul the company’s successful four-strong supplement portfolio* is founded on the desire to offer consumers maximum transparency with regard to nutritional specification and product information. In addition, it is important to remain in line with The Pure Feed Company’s ethos for fuss-free, good value products based on sound nutrition principles and backed by reputable scientific findings. The revised packaging includes an innovative QR code feature, which enables the purchaser to directly access detailed nutritional information including essential benefits and feeding recommendations associated with the product.

Science-Based Horse Sense

In addition to the name change and packaging reformat, the existing Pure Feed Company Supplements have also been reformulated and engineered in line with current scientific thinking and advice. The initiative has been led by The Pure Feed Company’s Head of Nutrition, Steph Mapletoft and Senior Nutritionist Sophie Brown.

All Pure Feed Company Supplements retain their status in terms of the UK manufactured and BETA NOPS and UFAS compliant credentials. The range is produced using predominantly UK sourced ingredients and is available from leading wholesalers and retailers, complemented by online sales direct from the website.

Complete Feeding Solution

Commenting on the Pure Feed Company Supplements rebrand, founder Lou Talintyre said, “The Pure Feed Company has always taken pride in its ability to offer customers a complete, value for money, natural feeding solution, designed to deliver the best results in terms of a horse’s optimal condition and performance. Given that over the years we have produced around 20,000 expert customised diet plans via our nutrition team we have gleaned a very strong understanding of the issues that owners regularly face and appreciate that there are times when a horse may need a little additional help. For example, due to increased workload, recovery from a particular injury or illness or even simply advancing old age. We also know that many owners wish to feed a supplement to provide additional nutritional support to further benefit their horse’s wellbeing.”

All Pure Feed Company Supplements have been developed and produced in strict accordance with our overriding commitment to quality, best-in-class ingredients and palatability. Every product has been carefully formulated to benefit from ethical and independent scientific research, and of course, reaffirms the brand’s core values.

*The current portfolio comprises: Joint, Respiratory, Electrolytes and Gut Support

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