Pure Feed launches new plastics policy to improve our carbon hoofprint

Many people around the UK were struck by Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II programme. It highlighted the extent of the damage that plastic usage is doing to our planet.

Already taking great care to produce our feeds naturally, we were keen to see what else we could do to contribute to the sustainability of our planet. Inspired by Sir David Attenborough, we have turned out attention to our plastic and packaging practices.

We have implemented a three-year plan to eliminate most of the use of plastic material in our feed bags and packaging materials and are looking at ways to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging.

You can read our plastics and carbon hoofprint policy here.


Recycling and recyclability


Our feed bags are made from poly recyclable LPDE 4.

We know that it is difficult to find recycling places and schemes to take the bags once used into the recycling stream, but we hope this will improve once the current tide of awareness takes hold. There is currently no national scheme in place of which we are aware. Some supermarkets take back carrier bags which is similar material and the Farm waste schemes will also take the material.

In terms of more than one use and recyclability we have come across some really good ideas for using the current bags once they are empty.



How to reuse your Pure Feed bag:


1.       Grow bags for your veggies – Green fingered? Save a bit of money, and help the environment by using our sturdy Pure Feed bags as grow bags for your homegrown courgettes and peppers.

2.       Poo picking bags – What goes in must come out, right? So what could be more appropriate than using feed bags to collect your horse’s droppings.

3.       Sledges in the snow – OK, snow might be the last thing on your mind with the hot summer we’ve had so far, but think ahead a few months and our bags are great for a bit of impromptu sledging.

4.       Transporting hay in your car – Are you always searching for something handy to stuff hay into, so it doesn’t make a mess in your car? Look no further than a collection of feed bags.

5.       Bin bags – Rather than filling up your proper bin bags with scrunched up feed bags, why not simply use a feed bag to collect your rubbish?

6.       Offer them to local schools – Plastic bags are sometimes used by schools for arts and crafts, so save the school budget by seeing if they want a donation.

7.       Trousers saver – Another one for gardeners. If you find yourself getting mucky knees when weeding or planting, take out a Pure Feed bag with you as something to kneel on.

8.       House tidy – When the weather turns, and muddy boots and dripping umbrellas become a thing again, your trusty Pure Feed bag could be your first line of defence and stop your door mat being trashed.


Who’d have thought there were so many things you could do with a feed bag. If you have a suggestion of your own, or try out one of our ideas, let us know how you get on via our Facebook page.

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