Feed for Veteran Horses and Ponies

As horses get older their lifestyle and nutritional needs change. Our range of feeds for veteran horses takes their nutritional requirements into consideration and will help to keep your veteran as healthy as possible.

Horse Feed for Veteran Horses

Horses can need a little more care as they get older. Whilst some veteran horses may continue to be good doers and maintain their weight well, others will need additional support to help keep them at optimum body condition.

Our range of feeds for veteran horses takes into consideration their additional nutritional requirements. This includes providing elevated levels of vitamins and minerals and high quality sources of protein to help maintain topline, in an easily digested quality feed. Our feeds are high in fibre to support gut health and low in both sugar and starch. This makes them suitable to feed to older horses that need a low starch diet.

Veteran horses can also be more susceptible to dental issues and so offering a soft chop or mash feed is a much easier option for them to chew.

With low calorie and high calorie options available, Pure Feed can help keep your veteran horse healthy whether they are at rest or still enjoying an active lifestyle.

Browse our Pure Veteran feed range below or contact our expert nutritional team for a free diet plan for your horse or pony.

Feeding Your Veteran Horse | Help from Our Expert Equine Nutrition Team

Caring for your veteran horse can bring about new challenges, but ensuring their nutritional needs are met will help to keep them healthy. If you would like more information on the nutritional requirements of veteran horses download our helpful guide.

If you are still unsure which feed will be best for your veteran, our nutritional team are on hand to provide you with expert nutritional advice. Request a free diet plan for your horse and they will contact you to discuss the best feed for your horse.

Don’t just take our word for it, read how one of our customers has got on since changing her horse onto our Pure Veteran mix.

Great Value Complete Horse Feed

Easy to feed. It’s everything your horse needs nutritionally, all in one convenient bag.

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Horse Feed

Pure Veteran mix is tailored specifically to suit the needs of the veteran horse that needs additional calories to help maintain their condition. Pure Veteran Mix is high in fibre to support digestive health, and very low in both sugar and starch.

Pure Veteran Pellets must be soaked prior to feeding to form a soft mash. This makes them perfect for older horses with poor dentition or that have difficulty chewing a chaff based feed. They are great for helping to maintain condition on your veteran horse.

For veteran horses that are overweight or that put on weight easily our Pure Balance is perfect. It will provide the daily nutrients that they require, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the lowest calorie way.

Our Pure Fibre Balance is ideal for veteran horses that are good doers and maintain their weight well. The feed will ensure that your veteran is getting the daily nutrients that they require to help keep them healthy, in a low calorie way.

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