New look, new name & new products for The Pure Feed Company Supplements™

Rebranding & expanding our equine supplement range

The Pure Feed Company’s popular range of equine supplements has undergone a makeover with a rebrand and the introduction of five new products.

Formerly known as Pure Plus, the supplements have been reformulated in line with current scientific thinking and guidance, repackaged with a QR code to help owners directly access helpful guidance and details of benefits and feeding recommendations … and renamed The Pure Feed Company Supplements™.

Introducing 4 exciting new Pure Feed Company Supplements™

In addition to the original four products (Joint, Respiratory, Electrolytes and Gut Support), the collection of superior quality, yet value for money supplements now also includes:

Pure Detox supports the body’s natural immune response and liver and kidney function. This supplement contains dandelion which is a natural diuretic to help flush out toxins via increased urine production. Brewers Yeast and mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) are included in the supplement to help support efficient digestion and hindgut health, which is particularly important during times of stress. MOS also helps to bind toxic substances which can be eaten via fungi on feed materials and forage.

RRP £34.50

This supplement helps to encourage muscle health and cellular function. The ingredients support the immune system and aid recovery after work. This makes the supplement ideal for horses under stress or in hard work. A natural source of vitamin E is included, which is an antioxidant and targets free radicals which can be generated as a result of increased exercise, injury & illness and laminitis. Also included is lysine, an essential amino acid.

RRP £25.50

Pure Calm and Compose contains a range of herbs (ashwagandha, passion flower, lemon balm and chamomile) renowned for their calming effect on the nervous system. Ashwagandha is also an antioxidant. The supplement includes L-tyrosine which can help improve focus and concentration and is mint flavoured to please your horse’s palate.

RRP £36.50

This supplement helps support a healthy stomach environment. Rosehip is included which is a natural source of vitamins C and E. Together both vitamins represent a powerful combination of antioxidants which have been shown to support a healthy stomach environment. Brewers Yeast and mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) also support the hindgut and the passage of food through the digestive tract. Pectin and lecithin are included which help stimulate mucous production to protect the stomach lining from gastric acid. The inclusion of aloe vera helps to support a healthy digestive tract, lubricating it and also encouraging mucous production.

RRP £47.50

Pure Spearmint, Peppermint and Fennel is great for fussy feeders. This supplement has a wonderful minty aroma and both mint and fennel aid normal gut function and digestion.

RRP £19.50

Purchase your equine supplements locally or online

Each of the new products is presented in a tub or pouch which provides a 4-week (one month) supply for the average horse (weighing 500kg).

The Pure Feed Company Supplements™ can be purchased from your local retailer or are also available online at

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