Low Calorie Horse Feeds

Some horses are referred to as ‘good doers’. This means they maintain their weight and condition easily or have a tendency to put on excess weight. Keeping them at their optimum body weight can be tricky. Our range of low calorie horse feeds can help to ensure that your horse is getting the daily nutrients that they need without providing excess calories.

Whilst some horses maintain their weight well on just forage, or can have a tendency to put on weight easily, they still need a feed to provide essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Vitamins and mineral levels can be low in others areas of their diet such as their hay.

Our range of low calorie horse feeds can be used as part of a calorie controlled diet. They will provide essential nutrients for your horse whilst helping to avoid unwanted weight gain.

Low Calorie Horse Feeds | Help from Our Expert Equine Nutrition Team

Trying to maintain your horse at optimum bodyweight year round can be difficult, particularly if they have a tendency to put on weight. However it is important to ensure that they still get plenty of fibre in their diet and the right nutrients. If you are struggling to keep your horse’s weight under control our nutritional team are available to help. Our range of low calorie horse feeds will help you ensure your horse’s nutritional needs are being met.

If you are still unsure which feed will be best for your horse, our nutritional team are on hand to provide you with expert nutritional advice. Request a free diet plan for your horse and they will contact you to discuss the best feed.

Don’t just take our word for it, read how one of our customers has got on since changing her horse onto our Pure Fibre Balance.

Horse Feed

For horses that are overweight or that put on weight easily our Pure Balance is perfect. It will provide the daily nutrients that they require, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the lowest calorie way.
Our Pure Fibre Balance is ideal for horses that are good doers and maintain their weight well. The feed will ensure that your horse is getting the daily nutrients that they require to help keep them healthy, in a low calorie way.
Pure Easy is suitable to feed to horses that are in regular work and that maintain their weight easily. It is perfect for those horses who do not need any extra energy or calories to help maintain their body condition.
Our Pure Treats are healthy herbal rewards for your horse. Pure Treats are free from molasses, low in sugar and starch and low in calories.

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