You may have heard of food miles, but have you considered feed miles? It’s a question that is asked more and more frequently, as the impact of food transportation on carbon emissions is gaining wider recognition. That doesn’t just apply to humans and UK horse-owners are getting more informed, asking important questions about the origins of the feeds they are giving their horses. The distance a product and its components travel can have a significant impact on carbon emissions, and it is important for all of us to take that into consideration where we can.

Our mission

As part of our goal at Pure Feed to reduce our carbon hoofprint we are always considering what we can do to minimise our environmental impact. Regarding the issue of feed miles, we are glad to say that we source and manufacture our feeds and supplements in the UK, reducing how far they have to travel. All of our feeds are produced in UK mills by UK-owned family businesses. Nearly all of our ingredients come from UK-grown sources including our grasses and super fibres from Yorkshire and our wonderful cold-pressed rapeseed oil from growers and producers in Scotland. In this way we are able to support UK businesses, have a closer relationship with our producers, and ensure you are receiving a top quality natural horse feed.


Beyond horse feed

We know the feed is just the beginning – the bag has to travel well and minimise wastage. To address this, we’ve also changed our feed bag material for a 100% recyclable alternative that is manufactured in the UK. All we ask is that you make sure to store it properly, avoiding wet or damp conditions. While we have to take practical considerations into account, like durability and the nature of our natural horse feeds, we are excited to have found a multi-dimensional solution to manufacturing and packaging Pure Feed in the UK.


Working together

With your help, by utilising UK-based growers and manufacturers we are reducing feed miles and supporting UK-based businesses. We are all accountable for how we treat the earth, and with a little consideration and some clever solutions we are always working towards a healthier and happier planet.

Nutritional advice

For advice on feeding your horse or for more information about Pure Feed contact our friendly nutritional team. You can email [email protected] or call 01458 333 333. You can also request a free diet plan for your horse.

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