Help your horse stay calm and focused with Pure Easy

Ellie Fredericks described her horse Trendy as ‘hot headed’ and found that our Pure Easy helped her to remain much more settled and focused when worked. If this sounds like your horse our Pure Easy could be a great choice. It is one of our lower energy feeds and the energy that is provided comes from slow release energy sources- perfect for naturally fizzy horses.

Many of you get in touch to say that your horse is naturally quite excitable and can be fizzy or difficult to maintain concentration. If this sounds like you, you will be only too familiar with getting the right balance between having enough energy for the work you’re asking them to do without them being too exuberant, and keeping them focused on what you are asking them to do. In this case slow release energy sources are best as they  provide energy over time, helping with stamina and avoiding diet related excitable behaviour. Our Pure Easy is great for horses in regular work that naturally have good energy levels. It uses a combination of fibre and oil to provide slow release energy.

We recently caught up with Ellie Fredericks and her horse Pure Trendsetter

Pure Trendsetter (Trendy) is 6 years old. Ellie said “Trendy is a very talented mare but very shy and passive in the stable. She’s not the most loving and really didn’t like people when she came but her work ethic is very good. The plan is to hopefully event her at 100 and novice this season and just slowly progress up the levels“. 

Ellie currently uses Pure Easy for Trendy and had this to say:

“Trendy is quite stressed and hot headed and, having switched to Pure Easy with another horse and noticed the difference in how much less spooky he was we tried it with Trendy to see if it would relax her. The difference was amazing!

She came to us in poor condition but now looks so much better and her coat is always shiny! Her attitude to being ridden and learning has changed. She actually enjoys her work and wants to be ridden. She also likes food a lot more as well. When Trendy first came to us we wanted her to put on weight. It was easy to do this by increasing the amount she was eating without having to worry that her energy levels would sky rocket.

Since being on Pure Easy she doesn’t run as much and comes out focused and ready to work instead of taking 10 minutes to settle.”

Trendy owned by Ellie Fredericks

Calm and Focused with Pure Easy

Pure Easy provides slow-release energy for horses in work. It is a perfect choice for excitable or sharp horses as the energy it does contain is released slowly, providing stamina rather than fizz. It is high in fibre and low in sugar and starch, which helps support gut health. Pure Easy contains our premium balancer which means it comes fully loaded with every vitamin and mineral your horse needs, as well as pre and pro biotics and amino acids.

Like our other feeds, Pure Easy provides all the nutrition your horse needs in one bag.

Contact the Pure Feed Nutritional Team

For advice on feeding your horse to help them stay calm and focused when ridden, or for more information about Pure Feed contact our friendly nutritional team. You can email [email protected] or call 01458 333 333. You can also request a free diet plan for your horse. 

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