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Do you know how much it costs a day to feed your horse a nutritionally balanced diet?

Watch our video and discover what it costs on average per day to feed your horse a nutritionally complete diet. You’ll find out why the Pure Feed alternative is so cost-effective – making it one of the most economical options available today!

Data accurate at time of publishing – September 2022. Prices may change.

Nutritious, complete and excellent value – the Pure range of natural horse feeds are low in sugar and starch, high in fibre, and contain our high-quality broad-spectrum balancer. It’s everything your horse needs nutritionally, all in one convenient bag. It is easy to feed, palatable, competitive and very cost-effective. Our feeds work across a wide variety of horses from Shetland ponies to Olympic eventers.

Watch the video and find out how Pure Feed could save you about £1.25 per day per horse – that’s around £455 a year if you feed every day

What should I feed my horse?

Most vets and nutritionists agree on the three key components that make up a healthy equine diet. Together with ad lib forage and/or grazing, these provide a fibre-based, energy-giving feeding program rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and pre and probiotics – a complete feed.

These three recommended components are:

A chaff
An energy source*
And a broad spectrum balancer

*Such as an oil or high energy mix

How much does it cost to feed a horse?

After looking at the range of horse feed brands available in the UK, how did we arrive at the average daily feeding cost of £3.95?

Prices vary considerably across the wide range of the three recommended components (chaffs, energy sources, and balancers). Combined with personal preferences, this makes getting a precise daily cost a challenge. However, we can get a good idea of what the average is likely to be.

We achieved this by looking at a selection of retailers across the UK, taking their highest and lowest prices in each sector to work out the average. After rounding down, chaffs came to about £1.60 per day, energy sources averaged £1.50 and balancers around £0.85.

So, adding these three together, we arrived at an average daily feeding cost of £3.95.

(for a detailed explanation of the logic, please click here)

Component costs of a complete equine diet

about £1.60
per day

Calculated from average RRP’s from selected retailers across the UK with a consumption rate of circa eight days for a 500kg horse.

Energy source
about £1.50
per day

Calculated from average RRP’s from selected retailers across the UK with a consumption rate of circa seven days for a 500kg horse.

about 85p
per day

Calculated from average RRP’s from selected retailers across the UK with a consumption rate of circa thirty days for a 500kg horse.

When mixing these 3 key components to create a good quality diet, it is likely to cost in the range of £3.95 per horse per day - compare that to around £2.70 per day for a Pure Feed option

How do we make our horse feeds?

Our ethos and values have not changed much since 2004 when our founder Lou started making them in a cement mixer. We source the vast majority of our raw materials from UK growers and mix them in UK family-owned and managed mills.

Where Pure Feed stands out from most others is that our feeds are a complete feed. This means they contain the three key components recommended by vets and nutritionists to sustain a healthy diet. Our feeds are designed to be fed alongside free access to hay, haylage and/or grazing.

Our feeds are economical, easy to prepare and come in fully recyclable bags.


how much does feeding Pure save you per horse?

By changing to Pure Feed you could save around £455 per year if you feed every day - and that's a real help at the moment!

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