Guide to feeding an underweight horse

It can be concerning if your horse is underweight. What is causing the lack of condition? Is there an underlying medical condition? Could you be doing anything different for their diet? If your horse experiences unexplained weight loss you should always consult a vet. If you have done this, or you understand the weight loss, this guide to feeding an underweight horse will provide some useful ideas and practical solutions.

Tips for feeding an underweight horse

This guide looks at how horses evolved to eat, and the problems with many horse diets today. It explores some nutritional and environmental factors behind underweight horses and looks at things you can do to encourage weight gain.

It also has recommendations from the Pure range that will encourage weight gain for horses in varying degrees of work and condition, and real-life examples of how they work.

Owning an underweight horse

As well as your concerns for your horse, owning an underweight horse can be frustrating. You may find yourself throwing out feed if they are a fussy eater. Or spending ages searching for the right solution in vain. You may even feel social pressure from people who see your horse and don’t understand you are doing everything you can for them.

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