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We share our expertise on a range of horse care and management issues. Our articles are particularly focused on nutrition, but this naturally links with other topics which we will cover too. We’ll also share relevant news about Pure Feed here.

Pure Performance- providing power and energy

For some competition horses a more instant source of energy is required for them to be able to perform at their peak. For this we have our Pure Performance feed, providing optimum power and energy. Pure Feed customer and dressage rider Izzy Chaplin explains how Pure Performance suits her horse Vinnie.

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A look at Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS)

It seems that many horses today are affected by gastric ulcers (ulcers in the stomach). It’s only really in the past 20 years that long endoscopes have become common in equine veterinary practice and the true prevalence of equine gastric ulcer syndrome has become apparent.

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