Lucinda Green

Six-time Badminton winner, two-time world and European champion, world team gold winner, three European team golds, Olympic team silver medallist, two-time Burghley winner – and Pure Feed brand ambassador.

A legend in the equine world

Regarded as one of the world’s greatest horsewomen, Lucinda Green (née Prior-Palmer) began riding when she was just four years old. Lucinda was given Be Fair for her 15th birthday and only seven years later, after a meteoric rise in the sport, competed at the Montreal Olympics having won Badminton at 19 years of age. Lucinda’s super successful career was well under way!

Lucinda is recognised as a legend in her sport and is one of the world’s most respected and revered equestrians of the modern era. Lucinda won Badminton, Burghley and the European Championships in 1977. She is the only rider to have won Badminton six times and on six different horses: Be Fair (1973), Wideawake (1976), George (1977), Killaire (1979), Regal Realm (1983) and Beagle Bay (1984).

Lucinda is a well-known equestrian journalist, commentator and XC coach.

Like mother, like daughter

Lucinda has two children – Freddie and Lissa. Her daughter, Lissa, has followed in her mother and father’s footsteps as a professional event rider. Freddie is a talented musician and married to New Zealand eventer Lizzie Brown.

Lucinda has been using Pure Feed since she first saw the amazing effects it had on one of her dotty event horses, Exit In Rehab, just over four years ago. Lucinda is now a strong advocate of Pure Feed, its management team and the Pure Feeding philosophy.

Pure Feed is an essential part of Lucinda’s team

“I really couldn’t believe the difference the feed made to my difficult TB, so I called Lou one morning and asked if she’d come and tell us more about the feeds. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made for our horses, my daughter Lissa’s career, and our peace of mind – we’ve never looked back! I know nutritionally our horses are in great hands and from the way they look, feel and perform, I know that they’re happy, healthy and content from the inside out.

“John, Lou and the team at Pure Feed are always on hand, ready to help and sort out any nutritional problems. The time we save feeding the horses, and the knowledge that they’re absorbing the right minerals and vitamins from the simple ‘all in one bag’ approach, allows us to focus more time on all the other necessities in our busy schedule. Pure Feed has become an important and essential part of our team. They call it the Pure Feed family and I love being a part of it.”