Who We Are

Pure Feed formulates and produces natural horse feeds which you can buy online and in store. They are specially designed to meet the needs of a range of different horses. Our feeds are free-from molasses, free-from nutritionally improved straw and packed with nutritious, palatable ingredients to help you keep a healthy, happy horse.

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Our story

We make horse feed that is convenient, cost-effective and contains all the ingredients your horse needs for a healthy, happy life.

Pure Feeds are a range designed by top UK and international equine scientists.  The founder, Lou Talintyre, is a self-proclaimed nutritional geek and loves horses. She started out hand-mixing her own feeds for her equine centre and stud farm in the West Country. She was exasperated at the lack of an off-the-shelf feed that genuinely met her beloved horses’ dietary needs.

Lou even bought a portable cement mixer from eBay to mix more efficiently. The horses loved it. Word got around and before long she had friends and neighbours queuing up for her tasty, nutritious creations. And Pure Feed has grown from there.

Today the feeds have been honed by some of the best equine scientists in the business and are available in hundreds of feed stores around the UK and Europe. There is a specialist feed for most types of horse, so you can be confident you are doing your best for your horse – and better still, they find it remarkably palatable.

Our team

We have a team of dedicated equine professionals trained in equine and animal sciences and nutrition. They are focused on developing our range of feeds to ensure they are the best they can be for your horse. They are also largely customer facing, so if you have a question about your horse’s diet you can speak directly to one of our experts.

Our location

All our feeds and supplements are manufactured by British mills in Oxfordshire and West Sussex.

Nutritional Team

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