The Tuff-Net Haynet Set – Tack Room Special Offer Is Sold Out!

The Tuff-Net Set Is Sold Out!

February's Tack Room Special Offer Is Now Sold Out

Normally £49 or 98 Tokens, Tack Room members have enjoyed the Tuff-Net Set for the special offer of £35 or 70 Tokens! Thank you all for your interest.

What Is The Pure Tack Room?

Enjoy members-only limited time offers like the Tuff-Net Haynet Set & more

Home to exclusive offers, nutrition advice and more...

Join the Tack Room and enjoy exciting offers, expert top tips & loads more benefits like giveaways, Tokens, and charitable opportunities. You don't have to purchase Pure Feed to join, and if you have used our website in the past you can log in with your existing details.
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How To Buy Tack Room Special Offers

You can buy special offers like the Tuff-Net Set when you sign up to the Tack Room. There are a few ways you can make your purchase.

  • Redeem your Tokens
  • Top up your Tokens with a card payment
  • Pay in full with your bank card

You can find out more about the Tack Room and how to collect Tokens if you haven’t joined already. However, you don’t need to purchase Pure Feed or collect Tokens to enjoy the other benefits available to members, such as unmissable giveaways, expert equine nutritional articles, limited products releases and more.

Pure Accessories - When The Special Offer Ends

If you missed one of our previous monthly special offers you’re in luck! You can still get gorgeous equine items like the original Tuff-Net in the Pure Accessories shop, home to our horse accessories when their special offer ends in the Tack Room.

If you have any questions about the Tack Room, please email [email protected]

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