The Training Rope – January Tack Room Special Offer

Horse Training Rope - Pure Accessories & Pure tack Room

Horse Training From The Ground Up – January’s Special Offer

Finesse your groundwork with January’s Special Offer for Tack Room members only! Available until 31st January, get the gorgeous Training Rope for just £24.50 or 49 Tokens. Regular price is £29.50 or 59 Tokens.

The Training Rope

Pure Feed brand ambassador Meg Elphick talks about the gorgeous horse Training Rope.

The Pure Training Rope is an essential piece of equipment for groundwork training with your horse or pony. The 10-foot long rope allows you to create distance and define your personal space, which allows for clear communication between you and your horse while navigating obstacles and performing manoeuvres. The round woven rope is comfortable in the hand and the brass trigger clip is strong and long-lasting. The gorgeous leather accents add a touch of luxury and the bright colours ensure you will always know it’s yours!

Regular price £29.50 or 59 Tokens

February Special Offer £24.50 or 49 Tokens

Pure Accessories

When a special offer ends in the Tack Room, you can find items like the Headcollar or the Tuff-Net while stocks last in our new Pure Accessories shop. If you collect Tokens, you can still redeem them for eligible products and we will be adding other gorgeous accessories to the shop in the coming months.

Any questions about the Tack Room? Email [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.

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