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We have a Special Offer for the holiday season, the Christmas Gift Set, available only to members of the Tack Room so make sure you sign up today.

It’s free and easy to join the Pure Tack Room – you don’t have to use Pure Feed to enjoy the benefits available to all members. When you sign up you get early access to informative articles about equine nutrition, exciting giveaways, charitable opportunities, and more coming soon. If you have bought feed or supplements from before, you will be able to log in with your existing details.

Available For the Festive Season Only!

The Christmas Gift Set is a combination of beautiful and practical equestrian accessories, available only to Tack Room members until the 15th of December.

Styled in the eye-catching coordinated colourway exclusive to the Tack Room from the Sara Blackshaw Collection, the gift set contains: 

  • The Tuff-Net: a haynet with an easy-fill square bottom and a heat-sealed knot for added durability, made of strong and super soft yarn. It’s also suitable for soaking hay.  
  • The Headcollar: mahogany leather and rope materials with strong brass fittings offer a touch of luxury. It is very adjustable so you can achieve a perfect fit for your horse. 
  • The Lead Rope: 2 metres long with beautiful leather accents and signature woven rope to match the Headcollar. 

All for just £63 or 126 Tokens. Order yours before the 15th of December  –  treat yourself or give the perfect gift to your equestrian family and friends this Christmas! 

Already a Pure Tack Room member? Get this great deal now!

How to Get the Christmas Gift Set

Available only to Pure Tack Room members, there are a few ways you can get the set. 

  • Redeem your Tokens 
  • Combine your Tokens with cash 
  • Cash-only purchase 

If you haven’t yet joined our exclusive members-only area, you can find out more about the Tack Room and how to collect and redeem Tokens. You don’t need to collect Tokens to fully enjoy everything the Tack Room offers – you can still access expert nutrition information, limited product releases and special offers, and enter exciting giveaways. 

Shop Accessories

We’ve added a new Accessories page to our Pure Feed shop, where you will find items from Pure Necessities when their special offer in the Tack Room ends. In addition, we will be introducing other designer-led products exclusive to Pure Feed.

Any Questions About the Tack Room?

We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the Tack Room and Pure Necessities. You can email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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