Tempt even the fussiest of horses with Pure Meadow Mash

Tempt fussy horses with Pure Meadow Mash; the combination of 7 different herbs increases palatability- it is sure to tempt even the fussiest of eaters. This combined with the high fibre and low sugar and starch content make it ideal for using as an alternative source of forage or mixing into your horse’s feed to help fussy eaters. It is particularly beneficial at this time of year when horses are busy competing, travelling, and staying away from home which can all have an affect on their appetite. Find out how Kevin and Emma McNab have got on feeding Pure Meadow Mash to some of their event horses.

Pure Meadow Mash certainly appeals to horses with a difficult appetite

Kevin and Emma McNab have been using our Pure Meadow Mash since we launched it last year and have found it great for helping to tempt fussy horses and those that don’t have the biggest of appetites. 

Emma said: It is a feed that we have used with horses that we struggle to put or keep weight on. Often these types of horses have a difficult appetite to please and the Meadow Mash certainly appeals to them.”

“We saw a noticeable improvement in condition and coat shine while using Pure Meadow Mash”

“We fed the meadow mash as an extra feed as well as the horse’s normal feed of Pure Working. The really good part about the feed was that it was not heating, so the horse’s temperament stayed really level but at the same time it was putting on weight and condition. This is normally hard to do without adding some kind of energy/fizziness. We loved this the most about the feed. There was also a noticeable improvement in condition and coat shine while using the feed. 

So far we have used the Meadow Mash on horses that have been a little poor in condition. We had a new horse come to us that arrived in quite poor condition and we started him on the Meadow Mash. After a couple of weeks the improvements could easily be seen. He really enjoyed eating it straight away.”

Before (left) and after (right) pictures of Hugo:

Hugo stood on the yard at the McNabs, before Pure Meadow Mash
McNab's horse Hugo, after Pure Meadow Mash

Tempt fussy horses with Pure Meadow Mash

Pure Meadow Mash contains 7 different herbs for improved palatability- it is sure to tempt even the fussiest of horses. It is high in fibre, low in both sugar and starch and contains added pre and probiotic. The quick soaking micro-pellets form a soft, easy to chew and appetising mash. Unlike our other feeds there are no additional vitamins and minerals added to Pure Meadow Mash. This means it can be fed alongside any of our other feeds as an additional source of fibre, mixed in with your horse’s current feed to help tempt them to eat, used as a low dust alternative to hay and to help keep your horse hydrated.

Mash feeds can be particularly beneficial during the competition season to help aid hydration. Horses can sometimes be reluctant to drink during competitions, whilst travelling or at stay away shows due to stress, a change in environment or different water sources. Offering them a mash feed can be particularly beneficial during these times. Read our blog for more tips on aiding hydration with soaked feeds.

Similarly, competition horses can have a reduced appetite during the height of the season or when away at competitions. As Emma McNab said “Pure Meadow Mash certainly appeals to the horses” and so offering some mixed in with their usual feed or as a low dust alternative forage to hay can be beneficial to help keep them eating. (As with any change in diet, any new feed should be introduced gradually). 

More about the McNabs

Kevin and Emma McNab are Australian Event riders with a large team of 35 horses. So far this year the horses have had a great start. Recently Kevin rode Scuderia 1918 Don Quidam in the 5*L at Kentucky where they finished 6th. The next big events for the team will be Houghton 4* and then on to Luhmuhlen 5* and 4*. Good luck to them and fingers crossed for the rest of the season! 

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