Pure Feed’s Guide to Squamous Ulcers

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) is now diagnosed as often as colic and arthritis. In fact 50-90% of adult horses have ulcers currently. However, the mechanism whereby ulcers occur is often misunderstood and prevention is tricky. In todays blog, we will be providing an overview of squamous ulcers, looking at common causes, the clinical signs […]

Equine gastric ulcers: treatment & management

close-up of chestnut horse in a paddock

There has been great interest in other tests for equine gastric ulcers, such as the blood sucrose test (Hewetson et al, 2017). But currently the only 100% reliable way to know if your horse has EGUS is for your vet to undertake a gastroscopy; passing an endoscope into the stomach.