Put your best hoof forward and join the Pure Tack Room

The Pure Tack Room welcomes all horse enthusiasts – join for free today and gain access to expert equine nutritional advice from our highly qualified team, collect and exchange Tokens for exclusively designed horse-riding accessories or donate your Token value to one of our selected charities…plus plenty more to discover and enjoy with exclusive membership. 

If you are already a Pure Feed customer with an online account, you’re most of the way there – just log in and click on the Tack Room link on the menu bar.

When you join you will be able to: 

Get equine nutrition information straight From the Horse’s Mouth 

Read easy-access, jargon (mostly) free articles about nutrition and related topics.  

  • Reliable, science-backed horse sense  
  • Expert, easy to understand articles 
  • Inside accounts from top riders and industry professionals  

Redeem Tokens for a range of exclusive accessories and other great equine items 

For those of you who are Pure customers keep an eye out for the Tokens printed on every bag.  

  • Cut them out and collect them, then post them to us:  

  • We will add 2 Tokens to help cover your postage. If it’s your first time submitting, we will gift you 10 FREE Tokens to help get you started*
  • You’ll be able to redeem them for accessories, both Tack Room special offers and eligible items from our Accessories shop 
  • You can also choose to put your Tokens towards a charity donation, matched by Pure Feed
  • You can find out exactly how to submit your Tokens by logging in to the Tack Room (with your existing Pure Feed account, or sign up as a new member if you haven’t already)

Gear up with Pure Accessories for your horse 

Pure horse riding socks hanging on a washing line. They are blue, with the Pure logo in white down the calf, and aqua or navy heel and toe accents

Get beautiful accessories designed exclusively for our members. Supplies are limited so when it’s gone it’s gone! 

Past offers have included headcollar and lead rope bundles, haynets and training ropes. Our latest special is a cosy 2-pack of Pure Horse Riding Socks for only £12.50 or 25 Tokens!

Support a charity with Pure Feed 

British Equestrians for Ukraine logo - two horse heads facing each other, one with UK national colours red white and blue, and one in Ukrainian national colours yellow and blue

We also offer everyone the opportunity to help us give back to the community – you can choose to donate your Token value to one of our three selected charities. 

Get involved on Facebook and Instagram 

We host exciting competitions and giveaways on our social media pages, with more ways to get involved and earn Tokens coming soon. We also send out email updates, so don’t forget to check your junk mail folder.

It’s easy to join the Pure Tack Room 

The Pure Tack Room is free to join and open to everyone – not just horse owners or those that purchase Pure Feed. We welcome everyone that shares our commitment to equine nutrition and wellbeing, so invite your friends and join the Pure Tack Room today to start getting the most out of your membership. 

Any more questions? Check out our FAQ or email [email protected]

*We ask all users to create only one account for themselves. If multiple accounts appear to be created for one user, we reserve the right to ask which account you would like to use as your primary account and will deactivate the rest. All offers of free postage Tokens and bonus welcome gift Tokens are only applicable to one person and their primary account.

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