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For some competition horses, a more instant source of energy is required for them to be able to perform at their peak. For this we have our Pure Performance feed, providing optimum power and energy. It contains oats for an instant source of energy and fibre and oil to promote stamina. Our Pure Performance is a dual-energy feed. With our balancer included, a quality protein is provided to aid topline development and vitamin E to support the horse’s muscles. The high fibre content also helps support a healthy digestive system. Our Pure Performance feed is designed to meet the demands of the competition horse.

Different Types of Energy

Slow-release and fast-release energy refer to the rate at which energy from food is made available to the body. These concepts are often discussed in the context of nutrition and how different types of foods affect energy levels and metabolism in your horse.  

Slow Release Energy

  • Slow-release energy in equine diets comes from sources like high-fiber forages, such as good-quality grass hay, haylage, and grass.
  • These forages are rich in fiber, which takes longer for the horse to ferment in the hindgut, leading to a gradual release of glucose into the bloodstream.
  • Additionally, feeds such as beet pulp, soy hulls, and rice bran are superfibres which are fermented in the hind gut into volatile fatty acids which serve as a significant energy source for the horse.
  • Slow-release energy sources are beneficial for maintaining steady energy levels throughout the day, supporting sustained performance, and promoting digestive health in horses.
  • Diets that emphasise slow-release energy sources are often recommended for horses with metabolic issues like insulin resistance, ulcers or those requiring a more consistent energy supply without spikes in blood sugar levels.

Fast Release Energy

  • These are typically grains and concentrates that are high in sugar and starch such as oats and barley. 
  • These feeds are quickly broken down and absorbed by the horse’s digestive system, leading to a rapid increase in blood glucose levels.
  • Fast-release energy feeds can be useful for providing quick bursts of energy, such as during intense exercise or for horses needing immediate energy supplementation.
  • While fast-release energy can provide a quick burst of energy, it’s typically short-lived and may result in hyperactivity or “hot” behavior in some horses.
  • However, relying too heavily on fast-release energy sources can lead to issues like metabolic disturbances, including insulin resistance, ulcers, laminitis and colic, especially in horses prone to such conditions.

Some competition horses can compete on a slow-release energy diet only but others might need a bit of extra spark. For these horses, achieving a balance between fast-release and slow-release energy sources is important for meeting the horse’s energy requirements while promoting overall health and performance.

Pure Performance is the perfect combination of fast and slow-release energy, combining oats, oil and superfibres to ensure your horse has what they need to perform! 

Pure Feed customer and dressage rider Izzy Chaplin explains how Pure Performance suits her horse below:

Meet Vinnie

Vinnie is a 17 year old KWPN stallion who I have been riding for 3 years. We started off at PSG/ Young riders together and are now competing at U25s Grand Prix and aiming to do an international later this year. This year we became the BD Petplan Inter II national champions at the British Dressage Winter Championships. We are also part of the young professionals quadrille that has performed at the Royal Windsor Horse Show and internationals including Bolesworth CDI and Hickstead CDI.

“Perfect amount of energy without getting fizzy”

I first started feeding Vinnie the pure feeds conditioning mix as I felt that to begin with he needed to gain a lot more muscle. Once I felt that he had built sufficient muscle, I wanted a feed with a slightly higher energy content and this is where the pure feeds performance mix slotted in perfectly. When training the higher level movements, especially when in a test, I need to have a feed that has both fast and slow release energy so the mix of oats and oil perfectly provides this.

I have had so many comments on how well Vinnie looks and how he looks much younger than 17. He feels like he has the perfect amount of energy without getting ‘fizzy’ and has no trouble dancing round a Grand Prix test. At Windsor this year, despite having 3 performances and 3 full dress rehearsals, he still felt fresh at the end of the week.

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