The Pure Lead Rope Bundle – 3 for the price of 2!

Photo showing 3 blue Pure Lead Ropes with leather accents and brass trigger clips, on special offer in the Tack Room. Get 3 Lead Ropes for the price of 2!

3 Pure Lead Ropes for the price of 2 - May's Special Offer

You’ve loved them so much we thought we would make a multi-pack!

This month in the Tack Room, you can buy 3 Lead Ropes for the price of 2 until the 31st of May. Get 3 gorgeous blue woven ropes, with leather accents and brass trigger clips, packed in a reusable bag – keep them for yourself or give your friends a smart and practical gift!

Normally £58.50 for 3, Tack Room members can get the Pure Lead Rope Bundle for only £39 or 78 Tokens. Offer ends at midnight the 31st of May.

How to get the Lead Ropes

Use your card, Tokens or both!

You can purchase the Pure Lead Rope Bundle with cash or Tokens. Even if you haven’t collected the full number of Tokens, you can put what you have towards your special offer purchase for a further reduction, and pay the rest by card.

Do I have a Tack Room account?

Do you buy your feed and supplements from our website? If so, you already have a shopping account which also gives you access to the Tack Room when you log in with your normal shopping details. If you collect Tokens, this is the account they will be added to.

If you purchase from your local retailer, it’s easy to set up an account. Once you’ve signed up, you can start sending in your Tokens and get early access to our fantastic offers and nutritional articles.

To set up a Tack Room account or log in, tap one of the buttons to get started.

What is the Pure Tack Room?

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