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Our Pure Easy is simple to feed and contains everything your horse needs in one bag! It is low in calories, sugar and starch so perfect for those horses who may need to watch their waistline and provides energy in a slow release way avoiding that unwanted fizzy behaviour. Its great for horses in work that don’t need extra energy. Pure Easy is fully fortified with vitamins and minerals, amino acids to help build topline and biotin to support healthy hooves. In addition it is high in fibre and contains pre and probiotic to support your horse’s digestive system. When the weather is nice like this it makes sense to save time on mixing separate feeds so that you can enjoy the great weather with your horse instead!

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Coleen Eccles

I have seen a noticeable difference in my horses since I moved to using Pure Easy and Pure Linseed. They are both healthy and have sufficient energy, improved coats and digestion. It is very easy for me to prepare their feed. I have actually saved money buying this good quality mix rather than buying different products to blend myself. I have found the information from the Pure Feed company to be invaluable and have recommended them to all my friends.”

Harriet Price

“Janey is fed on the pure easy feed and has everything she needs to keep her fit and healthy! We are both top fans of this amazing feed company!”

Joseph Adams

“Brilliant feed, mini and hero look and feel fantastic, just the right amount of energy for the work they perform without any fizz”






Judith Harvey

“I love Easy as it gives just the right amount of energy for my Quarter Horses without the fizz.  When I was running my livery yard of 35+ horses I always used to recommend Purefeed Easy to new liveries as it made the difference between leading a horse up to the field four legs as against two as more often than not the liveried horses were on feed that was not matched to the horse or workload.  We used to have a lot of horses come in for training and the first thing we would do (with the owner’s permission of course) is switch them across to Purefeed (usually Easy but sometime Working) as it would within a week give us a horse that was quiet, willing to listen and less bargy.   I also noticed that for a few that came in with digestive upset, the Purefeed Easy seemed to help improve their disposition and saddling became less of an issue for us.”


Pure Easy is suitable to feed to laminitics and horses that need a low sugar, low starch diet. Find out more information on Pure Easy here.

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Easy to feed. It’s everything your horse needs nutritionally, all in one convenient bag.

Find out why Pure Feed is such good value and can SAVE you money compared with other horse feed solutions.

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