The Pure Accessories Training Rope – January’s Tack Room Special Offer

Pure Accessories multicolour training rope special offer

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The Pure Accessories Training Rope is January’s members-only special offer in the Tack Room! You don’t have to use Pure Feed to enjoy the benefits available to all members. In addition to limited special accessories offers, when you sign up you will have access to informative equine nutritional articles, great giveaways, charitable opportunities, competitions plus loads more…

If you have bought feed or supplements from before, you already have an account and can log in to the Tack Room with your existing details.

The Pure Accessories Training Rope – January Special Offer For Members

Start the New Year on the right hoof and finesse your groundwork training with the Training Rope, a 10-foot long comfortable woven rope with beautiful leather accents and brass trigger clip.

Pure Feed brand ambassador Meg Elphick talks about the Pure Accessories Training Rope.

Normally £29.50 or 59 Tokens, Tack Room members are invited to enjoy the Special Offer price of £24.50 or 49 Tokens!

How To Buy The Training Rope

If you haven’t yet joined our exclusive members-only area, find out more about the Tack Room and how Tokens work. You don’t need to collect Tokens to fully enjoy everything the Tack Room offers. Expert nutritional information, limited product releases, special offers, and exciting giveaways are all available to you.

Tack Room members can buy the Pure Lead Rope a few different ways:

  • Redeem your Tokens
  • Top up your Tokens with card payment
  • Pay in full with your card

Already a Tack Room Member? Click here to buy now.

Can I Still Get Pure Accessories After The Offer Ends?

When a special offer ends in the Tack Room, you can still find items like the Headcollar or the Tuff-Net while stocks last in our new Pure Accessories shop. If you collect Tokens, you can still redeem them for eligible products and we will be adding other gorgeous accessories to the shop in the coming months.

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