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Help British Equestrians For Ukraine – Donation

British Equestrians For Ukraine is working to coordinate the procurement and distribution of supplies for horses and their owners, and supporting humanitarian relief through the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Tack Room Token donations will be matched by Pure Feed, up to 100 Tokens. Please select the amount you wish to donate and add to your basket. If you would like to donate money or resources, please read on for more information.

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In support of the equine and humanitarian welfare response, we are contributing to the British Equestrians for Ukraine fundraising initiative, to enable the procurement and distribution of supplies and ground-level support where is it needed most. This group of leading British equine organisations, headed by the BEF, BHS, and BETA, is liaising with Ukrainian and Polish equine organisations and facilitating cash donations through World Horse Welfare.

British Equestrians for Ukraine is also encouraging contributions to the Disasters Emergency Committee, which brings together 15 top UK charities to provide ground-level humanitarian support in conflict zones. They supply food, shelter, clothing, medical supplies and other emergency support services.

Financial contributions mean these organisations can act as they see fit, to supplement physical donations and fund and allocate resources efficiently. Your donation can help buy essentials like food and clothing, horse feed and bedding, transportation and medical supplies, and other urgently needed resources.

Token Donations

We are starting our fundraising effort with 200 Tack Room Tokens (found on bags of Pure Feed), the equivalent of £100, and invite everyone who is collecting Tokens to donate. We are currently unable to take or match cash donations, but we will match up to 100 Tokens per donation. We will split the proceeds between the British Equestrians for Ukraine fund (facilitated by World Horse Welfare) and the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine initiative.

To donate Tokens, select the amount you would like to give and add to your basket. If you’re not sure what your Token tally is, check your account. All donations are much appreciated and will be split evenly between the two initiatives.

*Where do you find Tokens? Check out our FAQ and the Tack Room Tokens page

Cash Donations

We understand if you would prefer to make a cash donation to one or both of these organisations, so we encourage you to go to their websites and follow the directions given. Please note that we are unable to match donations made directly to the charities, but we thank you for taking the time to donate.

World Horse Welfare is facilitating financial donations for the British Equestrians for Ukraine initiative on behalf of local partners in Ukraine and Poland, including their respective Equestrian Federations. To make a donation, click here.

The Disasters Emergency Committee is the humanitarian organisation British Equestrians for Ukraine has chosen to support. To make a donation, click here.

Your contribution is hugely appreciated – thank you.

*see T&C’s for further information.

However you choose to donate, your contribution is incredibly valued. There is a Ukrainian saying that, roughly translated, states ‘Hope is the last thing to die’ – if anything has been learned from recent events, it is that we have plenty of hope yet. Thank you.
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