The Tuff-Net


The Pure Tuff-Net

£24.50 or 49 Tokens

  • About this product

Vibrant, durable and convenient – the multicoloured Pure Tuff-Net is from the Sara Blackshaw collection, designed exclusively for Pure Tack Room members. Called the Pure Tuff-Net because it is secure and hard-wearing, this haynet is made of long-lasting and super soft polypropylene yarn, with a square bottom that is easy to fill and suitable for soaking hay. Free from metal parts so it’s friendlier to the environment, the durable yet soft yarn is comfortable for horses to eat from and the small mesh holes both reduce wastage and encourage speedy eaters to slow down. It won’t stretch or fray when exposed to the elements, and the tie-rope knot is heat-sealed for prolonged life. The Pure Tuff-Net is packed in a lovely reusable bag and comes with free shipping.

  • Up to 8 kilogram capacity
  • Small holes: 2 centimeters per side
  • Durable polypropylene yarn
  • Bright colours are easy to spot on the yard
  • Free from metal parts
  • Easy to fill square bottom
  • Suitable for soaking hay in

The Pure Tuff-Net is available only while stocks last so you won’t want to miss it – when it’s gone, it’s gone!

"I call it the Pure ‘Tuff-Net’ because this equine essential will easily withstand the demands of a busy yard. They have been extensively tested & are proving to be durable & long-lasting, even with daily hay soaking. Using a single material means it is easy to recycle, and the wide opening and square bottom make filling with hay very easy."
Sara Blackshaw

Top Tip

Double-net your hay to halve the hole size and double the time it takes for your horse to eat their forage. Horses benefit from trickle feeding – eating small amounts frequently – and haynets help increase chewing time and saliva production, which can be especially beneficial for those on restricted diets or with sensitive digestive systems.