Pure Detox is formulated to support the immune system as well as kidney and liver function. It is designed to help horses that are unwell, stressed or on medication. It contains vitamin C and vitamin E which are anti-oxidants and form part of the immune response. The MOS within it binds to toxins and helps to remove them from your horse’s body.

  • Helpful supplement for horses that have been unwell or are on medication.
  • Supports the immune system with anti-oxidants vitamins C and E.
  • Contains mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) which bind toxins and helps to remove them.
  • Supports liver and kidney function.
  • Can help horses that are suffering from stress after moving home, travelling, training or competing.
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Pure Detox has been scientifically designed by Dr David Marlin to assist horses that have been unwell or are on medication. It helps your horse in four key areas.

Pure Detox has a powerful combination of vitamins C and E which are antioxidants. These provide support for the muscles, lungs and liver. Horses can make vitamin C, but it has been shown in studies that when stressed the vitamin C levels in their blood decreases. This makes less vitamin C available for immune and liver function and collagen synthesis. In addition, low vitamin C can cause dry skin, a poor coat, higher risk of infection and poor wound healing. Vitamin E is vital for fighting off viruses and bacteria and the production of red blood cells. It is also recommended for liver disease.

Second, Pure Detox uses dandelion root, which is a natural diuretic, to increase urine production which helps to flush toxins from the body.

Third, Pure Detox has the most biologically active forms of vitamin D, D3 and cholecalciferol. Vitamin D is important for healthy bone development. But when horses are unwell, recuperating or simply stabled, they don’t get enough sunlight to generate the required levels.

Fourth, coriander is used to protect the horse’s body from the build-up of heavy metals like lead and mercury. Scientific studies have shown this to be beneficial.

If your horse is not quite right – perhaps recovering from an illness or injury, or a worming treatment, Pure Detox will help support them. It will also help your horse if they are suffering from stress after competing, travelling, training or moving home.

Feed for at least 30 days to any horse or pony under the weather, recovering from illness, following a change in diet or at times of increased stress.

• Pony 1 x 25ml level scoop per day
• Horse 2 x 25ml level scoops per day
• Large Horse 3 x 25ml level scoops per day
1 level scoop (25ml) = 26g

Crude Protein0.3%Crude Ash1.3%Vitamin E (E3a700) all-rac-alpha-tocopherylacetate38.5g/kg
Crude Fibres0.6%Moisture4.9%Organic Selenium10.4mg/kg
Crude Oils & Fats0.3%Vitamin D3 (E671) cholecalciferol28.8iu/kg


  • Coriander seed and leaf
  • Dandelion root
  • Ascorbyl monophosphate (Vitamin C)
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin D3
  • Selenium inactivated yeast
  • Yeast (as a source of MOS)
  • Lucerne meal
  • Dextrose
  • Flavour

Per daily horse dose (52g/50ml): Coriander leaf and seed 5g; Dandelion root 2g; Vitamin C 5g; Vitamin E 2000IU; Vitamin D3 1500IU; MOS 2g; Selenium 1mg.

"I had a really bad problem with one of my young horses. He just would not keep his rugs on. It was last winter, and he was clipped out head to foot, and he would completely take all his rugs off and rip them to shreds. We tried everything to get him to keep his rugs on, as he would be shivering in his stable in the morning, and his rugs would be in a million pieces on the floor. Lou, from Pure Feeds, came out to see the horses, and discuss their feeds with us, and we mentioned our problem to her. She advised that we tried the Detox supplement on him, to see if it worked. It was an absolute miracle, after being on the supplement for a few days, we had no more taking rugs off, and he was much happier in himself."

Charly Edwards Hampshire