More focused and less spooky with Pure Fibre Balance

For many of us finding a feed that provides the right balance of sufficient energy for your horse’s workload, helps maintain focus, doesn’t provide too many calories and reduces spooky behaviour can be a challenge. Pure Fibre Balance uses slow release energy sources and is low calorie, perfect for good doers that can be excitable. Could Pure Fibre Balance help make your horse more focused and less spooky?

Pure Fibre Balance

Feeding your horse so that they have enough energy for their workload but without making them spooky is a common concern for many of our customers. If your horse is also a good doer or one that puts on weight easily that can make things more difficult. Our Pure Fibre Balance is a low calorie feed ideal for good doers. It has our balancer included in a more concentrated form than our other feeds making the feeding rate smaller. With oil and fibre as slow release energy sources and no wholegrain cereals included it helps to eliminate any diet related excitable behaviour. Pure Feed customer Debbie has seen a difference in her horses since swapping to Pure Fibre Balance.

Debbie and her dressage horses

Equine and sports massage therapist, Debbie, has 3 Warmblood dressage horses competing at advanced medium. They can all be quite sharp to ride and the decision was made to switch to Pure Fibre Balance about 3 months ago. Asked why she changed to Pure Feed Debbie said “I noticed a huge difference in a clients horse both physically and mentally, she advised me that she had changed to Pure Feeds, so I spoke to your helpline and made the decision to change mine over to Pure Feeds. It’s so easy to feed as it saves time adding balancers as it’s a complete feed and the horses love it!”

More focused and less spooky with Pure Fibre Balance

Debbie Wake and one of her dressage horses

There has been a noticable improvement in their behaviour since being on Pure Fibre Balance too. Debbie said since being on Pure Fibre Balance they are more focused, less spooky but still have the energy for medium level work. The feed suits her horses as it is high in fibre and low in sugar and starch which is what she wanted to feed them. Debbie said “I find that it gives them a balanced diet and they all are thriving on it.”

Debbie and her horse at dressage

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For advice on feeding your horse to help them stay calm and focused when ridden, or for more information about Pure Feed contact our friendly nutritional team. You can email [email protected] or call 01458 333 333. You can also request a free diet plan for your horse. 

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