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Megan Elphick introducing the Pure Lead Rope

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It’s free and easy to join the Tack Room – you don’t have to use Pure Feed to enjoy the benefits available to all members. In addition to Pure Necessities limited special offers like //the Lead Rope//, you will also have access to informative equine nutrition articles, great giveaways, charitable opportunities, and more coming soon.

If you have bought feed or supplements from before, you already have an account and can log in to the Tack Room with your existing details.

The Pure Lead Rope – December’s Special Offer

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How To Buy The Lead Rope

Tack Room members can buy the Lead Rope a few different ways:

  • Redeem your Tokens
  • Top up your Tokens with cash
  • Pay in full with your bank card

If you haven’t joined our members-only area yet, you can find out more //here about the Tack Room and how to collect and redeem Tokens//. You don’t have to purchase Pure Feed or collect Tokens to enjoy the benefits available to all members – you still get early access to special offers, expert nutrition information, fun giveaways and more.

Join the Pure Tack Room

If you would like to receive your Pure Necessities in time for Christmas, make sure to place your order before the 15th of December.

A Bonus Special Offer

           Horse Accessories Christmas Gift Set - Pure Necessities

To celebrate the festive season with our new members, we have a wonderful Christmas Gift Set available only in the Tack Room. Made up of the Headcollar, the Lead Rope and the Tuff-Net, the Christmas Gift Set is a great way to treat yourself or your equestrian friends.

Our New Accessories Shop

When a Pure Necessities special offer ends in the Tack Room, it moves to the //Accessories Shop// and is available at its regular price. Tack Room members can still use their Tokens on eligible products in the Shop, and we will also be adding other designer-led accessories in the coming months. If you want to make sure you get early access to Pure Necessities special offers, make sure you //sign up to the Tack Room today//.

Any questions?

Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or need a hand signing up.


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