Pure Feed case studies

Throughout the UK, horses and their owners absolutely love Pure Feed.

It tastes great and comes conveniently in an all-in-one bag. Formulations have been tailored to do the best for horses of varying ages, temperament and condition, which make Pure Feed a natural choice.

Read our case studies to hear, in horse owners’ own words, how Pure Feed has helped them.

Pure Easy feed= Easy horse

Pure Easy is high in fibre, low in both sugar and starch and is a complete feed, scoop straight from the bag and into the bucket. Low in calories, it is perfect for good doers and those horses that don’t need extra energy when they are being ridden.

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Showing Success

The Pure Feed family has many customers competing across all the disciplines, from driving and endurance to eventing and dressage. This month we thought we’d share some of our customer success stories in the showing world.

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