Improving stamina safely with Pure Working

When some horse owners hear the words “energy”, or “calories” a shiver runs down their spine.

How can they possibly give their horse extra energy without bringing on fizzy behaviour? There is a surprisingly simple answer, and just about every feed in the Pure range will provide it. This is because energy can be delivered in two ways.Anna Noble riding her chestnut horse


The problem with fast-release energy in horse feed

First, and this is what most people are accustomed to, is through starchy sugars – in horse feeds this will typically be from cereals, molasses and sugar. These release energy quickly into the body. Think of your horse like a child – this is a bit like giving them fizzy drinks and chocolate bars. They’ll get an instant sugar hit during which they may display naughty behaviour, followed by a slump.

Improving stamina with slow-release energy in horse feed

The second way is to deliver energy through oil. This provides energy in a slow-release form and it is the basis on which all Pure Feeds work. When the calories are released slowly through your horse’s body, they do not get that sudden surge of energy associated with excitable behaviour. Instead, calm and sustained energy is released over time which provides stamina in your horse – an attribute far more desirable than fizz!

All of our feeds use oil and fibre to deliver this slow-release energy. Pure Working has a higher slow-release energy and protein quota than some of the other feeds in our range and is ideal for horses that need to improve their stamina safely.


Anna Noble’s three healthy, happy horses on Pure Working

One happy customer Anna Noble, who swears by the Pure Feed Range, uses a combination of Pure Working, Pure Condition and Pure Linseed – the result? Three healthy happy, horses.

“Coming into winter this year I couldn’t be happier with the condition of all three of my horses. I quite often get comments of how well they look and how good their coats are. I feed a combination of Pure Working and Pure Condition depending on work load. However, I always feed Pure Linseed alongside these. I believe this has a big part to play in keeping them in peak condition and giving them that wonderful shine. By feeding Pure Working I know my horses have stamina for the job in hand and I don’t have to worry about it heating them up or making them fizzy.”

Anna Noble with her three horses

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