High Fibre Horse Feed

Horses were designed to eat a fibrous diet. With this in mind we developed a range of feeds that are high in fibre, helping to support a healthy digestive system in your horse.

Fibre is very important in the horse’s diet. Horses are known as hind gut fermenters which means they have a large chamber in their digestive system specifically designed for fermenting fibre. A diet that is low in fibre can lead to a range of health problems for the horse.

Horses that are good doers, have a tendency to put on weight easily or that are at rest should be fed a high fibre, low calorie feed alongside their forage. This will not only help keep their digestive system healthy, but also help prevent unwanted weight gain. Performance horses that have a higher energy requirement due to their workload can also perform well on a high fibre, low starch diet. Oils such as linseed oil and rapeseed oil and highly digestible sources of fibre can provide additional sources of slow release energy for the horse, in a way that is much better suited to their digestive physiology. In all cases the horse’s diet should be tailored to suit their individual requirements.

Choosing a feed that is high in fibre will help to keep your horse healthy, both physically and mentally. Pure Feed’s range of complete feeds have been developed with this in mind. All of our feeds are high in fibre to help support your horse’s health. We use oil as an additional slow release energy source for those horses that need extra calories to maintain condition or have higher energy requirements due to their workload.

Horse Feed

High Fibre, low calorie horse feeds suitable for good doers

For horses that are overweight or that put on weight easily our Pure Balance is perfect. It will provide the daily nutrients that they require, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the lowest calorie way.

Our Pure Fibre Balance is ideal for horses that are good doers and maintain their weight well. The feed will ensure that your horse is getting the daily nutrients that they require to help keep them healthy, in a high fibre, low calorie way.

Pure Easy is high in fibre and low in both sugar and starch. It is suitable to feed to horses in regular work, but that maintain their condition easily.

High fibre horse feeds suitable for horses that need additional help to maintain their condition or that are in a higher level of work

Pure Veteran mix is tailored specifically to suit the needs of the veteran horse that needs additional calories to help maintain their condition. Pure Veteran Mix is high in fibre to support digestive health, and very low in both sugar and starch.

Pure Veteran Pellets must be soaked prior to feeding to form a soft mash. This makes them perfect for older horses with poor dentition and provides an additional source of fibre in their diet. They are great for helping to maintain condition on your veteran horse.

Pure Working is a high fibre feed, which provides slow release energy to help improve stamina without causing diet related excitability. 

Pure Condition is full of slow release calories to help keep your horse calm whilst improving their weight and condition.

High Fibre Horse Feed | Help from Our Expert Equine Nutrition Team

Horses have evolved to eat a diet that is high in fibre, this includes whats in their feed bucket as well as their grass, hay and haylage. Providing your horse with plenty of fibre will help them both physically and mentally. It helps to prevent boredom, allows them to display natural foraging behaviour and helps to keep their digestive system healthy.

If you would like more information on feeding and caring for your horse, download our helpful guide.

If you are still unsure which feed will be best for your horse, our nutritional team are on hand to provide you with expert nutritional advice. Request a free diet plan for your horse and they will contact you to discuss the best feed for your horse.

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