Help support a healthy respiratory system with Pure Respiratory

The respiratory system plays a crucial role in allowing horses to perform at their best. Help support a healthy respiratory system for your horse with our Pure Respiratory.

Help support a healthy respiratory system in your horse

Megan Elphick, an amateur event rider, has been using our Pure Respiratory supplement for the last 3 years. Meg describes herself as having a soft spot for native ponies, so most of her horses have some or all native blood.

Meg said “My top horses compete at BE100 but I also really enjoy producing the youngsters at the lower levels. Most of my horses are very level headed but as I always get them young, they can start a little sharp.”

Meg Elphick and her horse

Asked why she uses Pure Respiratory Meg said “I wanted a way of helping to maintain my horse’s health on a daily basis. The respiratory supplement has helped all of my horses by supporting a healthy respiratory system.”

Pure Respiratory:

Pure Respiratory is a palatable supplement that can be added daily to your horse’s feed. It is suitable for horses that have previously lived out and are now being stabled, those that travel a lot and competition horses.

Pure Respiratory provides high concentrations of bio-available vitamins C and E. These vitamins are key among the respiratory system’s defences as vitamin C lines the airways, and vitamin E is present in the membranes of the cells. Pure Respiratory also contains MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and trace elements selenium, copper, zinc and manganese.

Meg Elphick jumping

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