Help lose weight without compromising on nutrients with Pure Balance

Some horses naturally maintain weight easily and can be susceptible to weight gain particularly during the spring and summer months. Pure Balance is ideal for helping your horse to lose weight without compromising on nutrients. It can be fed alongside a restricted diet to ensure that your horse is getting the important nutrients that they need in a low calorie way.

Some horses naturally maintain their weight easily. This can make maintaining them at a healthy body weight throughout the year a challenge, particularly during the spring and summer months when the grass is growing. Overweight horses are not healthy horses and can be more susceptible to other health concerns such as laminitis. Keeping your horse at an optimum body weight of 2-3 on the 0-5 scale is important. However, if you have a horse that puts on weight easily what can you feed them to ensure that they are still getting the important daily nutrients that they need without the extra calories?

Help your horse lose weight without compromising on nutrients:

Pure Feed customer Paula had just that conundrum with her horse Tiggy after she had produced a wonderful foal Aaya. After Aaya was weaned Tiggy needed to lose some excess weight but her owner, Paula, still wanted to make sure she was getting all the nutrients that she needed in her diet.

Tiggy and Aaya

Paula said “Tiggy is a 10 year old appaloosa, which we were hoping to event. She had a tendon injury so we put her in foal to Party Trick (Chilli Morning son, badminton winner). Baby Aaya left mum at 8 months, this is when we decided to change her feed to Pure, ready to come back to work. I changed Tiggy onto Pure Balance at the start of May this year after a recommendation from a friend. I needed a feed to help Tiggy lose weight and that was less fizzy whilst still keeping her looking good. Pure Balance is slowly helping Tiggy to lose weight, whilst keeping her in good condition and without the need to add lots of additional supplements. It has also saved me time and money not having multiple bins for feed, or spending time adding additional supplements.”

Pure Balance: low calorie without compromising on nutrients

Our Pure Balance is a nutrient dense pellet. It will help ensure that your horse is getting the important daily nutrients that they require without excess calories. Pure Balance is palatable and easy to feed- with a small feeding rate making it economical to feed too! Pure Balance provides the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to help keep your horse healthy. We also include essential amino acids to help support topline and muscle development, biotin and key minerals to support healthy hoof growth, antioxidants, and pre and probitoic to support your horse’s hind gut and aid digestion. Pure Balance will help to support healthy skin and coat condition too; supporting healthy horses both inside and out.

The low sugar and starch levels make it suitable to feed to all horses and ponies to make sure they are receiving a balanced diet. This is particularly important for good doers or overweight horses that may be on restricted diets. Forage and grazing can often be lacking in key nutrients. Find out more about balancers and why to feed them in our blog.


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