Help build topline with Pure Working

Whether bringing your horse back into work, stepping up a level at competitions or just trying to get them in better shape over the winter months we can all relate to a time when we were trying to improve our horse’s topline and muscle tone. Building topline is not easy and takes time. Whilst correct exercise plays a huge part in building topline and muscle, the diet shouldn’t be overlooked. Ensuring that your horse is getting a balancer diet, with sufficient amounts of energy for the work that they are doing, adequate levels of quality protein and that key nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and in amino acids are being provided will be beneficial. Amino acids such as lysine will help to provide your horse with what they need nutritionally to build topline and muscle alongside the exercise that you are doing with them. Lysine is particularly important as it is usually the first limiting amino acid when it comes to muscle development and protein synthesis.

Help build topline and muscle with Pure Working

pure-WORKING-bag-frontOur Pure Working is a medium calorie feed; perfect for horses in regular work. As with all of our feeds it is high in fibre and low in both sugar and starch, providing energy through slow release energy sources. Our balancer is included so as long as you are feeding it at the recommended rate your horse will be getting the key nutrients that they need including vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support optimal body condition, muscle tone and performance.

One customer who has seen a benefit from feeding her horse Pure Working is Abby Taylor, an 18 year young amateur event rider with a devotion to work through the eventing levels with her horse Harley. Abby described Harley as: “An 8 year old Connemara with possibly the kindest temperament possible; he’s the yard favourite! I event him at BE90/BE100 with ambition to eventually bring ourselves up to 1* and Novice.”

“Pure has served him the best balance of nutrition, taste and condition.” 

I feed Harley on Pure Working which he has both mornings and evenings as his daily feed. Leading up to an event he has Pure Competition for that extra pizazz of energy for competing! Considering he is a slightly picky horse, Pure has served him the best balance of nutrition, taste and condition.

He’s been fed on Pure Feed for a year and a half and we changed to Pure when we decided to pursue more in terms of competitions, training and elevating our performance. Luckily for us, we have a Pure Feed stockist store based on our yard so it’s easier than ever to grab the Pure fix.” 

Where to start with all that it’s helped!

“Harley previously was a more spindly build and lacked much muscle; this changed to align with our performance requirements with the help of Pure Working. His coat is dazzling, his build is stronger and he’s a happy horse who neighs whenever his Pure feed dinner is ready! Harley has certainly built up further stamina and has the extra push from the energy rating of his feed. XC time is normally a lets not be too fast kinda issue! 

Pure has always been an admirable option for being easy; no hassle at all when making up Harleys morning and evening feeds. Harley can be fussy on occasion but throughout feeding Pure we’ve found that he comes around with his favourite feed!” 

Abby and Harley- polework to build topline

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