What not to feed your horse

Many horse owners like to mix up crazy concoctions as home feeds, or treat their neddies to a cheeky snack. And we all know our horses are partial to having a nibble on random items they find in the yard, stable or the paddock. Often they will be harmless, but there are plenty of things that a horse should definitely not eat.

This guide looks at a long list of foods that should not be eaten by your horse. We have broken it down into three sections for easy reference. These are: foods from the kitchen, foods horses might find themselves and foods prohibited under the BETA NOPS scheme.

What NOT to feed your horse: the reasons why

As well as listing food types your horse should not eat, we explain the reasons why. Sometimes, the impact is relatively mild such as causing colic or bloating. Other times though, feeding your horse the wrong foods can result in serious illness and in extreme cases even death.

Separate from health concerns, there is also the issue of prohibited substances under the BETA NOPS scheme if your horse is competing. It can be surprisingly easy to expose your horse to a banned substance. This guide will also explore some of the usual suspects that could lead to your horse failing a drugs test.

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We say it in the guide, but if you think your horse has eaten something that is dangerous to them, please call in your vet without delay.

As with all the information we provide, we hope our guide to what NOT to feed your horse will give you all the answers you need. If any question is left unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact our expert nutritional team who will be happy to help.

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