Guide to feeding a veteran horse

If you have a horse that is 15 or older, Pure Feed’s guide to feeding the veteran horse will help you ensure you provide them with the best diet possible.

As your horse gets older, time will take its toll. From loss of condition to a compromised immune system and many things in between. A good diet cannot provide the answer to everything, but it can help you to keep your horse as healthy as possible.

Tips for feeding an older horse

This guide examines every aspect of the older horse’s diet, detailing what should be included and what should be avoided. It contains a case study of how one horse owner had to change her horse’s diet once age-related conditions took hold.

It also has recommendations from the Pure range that are tailored to the older horse and horses in varying degrees of work and condition.

Owning an older horse

Just because our horses get older, it doesn’t mean we love them any less. You’ve probably had some great memories with your horse already. Ensuring you are feeding them correctly will help you to have much more quality time with them in the years to come.

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