Guide to feeding a horse with a history of laminitis

Laminitis is a painful condition in the hoof of the horse. It must be diagnosed by a vet who will provide medical advice. However, we have prepared a guide to take you through dietary and lifestyle considerations to help prevent the condition from recurring and getting worse.

Tips for feeding a horse with a history of laminitis

This guide takes a look at what laminitis is, and the signs to look out for that may indicate your horse is suffering from it. If a vet diagnoses it, the guide then gives guidance on what you can do nutritionally speaking for your horse, and the science behind this.

Owning a horse that’s had laminitis

Laminitis can vary in severity and should be taken very seriously. If it is allowed to recur your horse will deteriorate and can suffer considerable pain. In the worst cases, they may even need to be put down. This guide tells you what you can do for your horse nutritionally to help you manage the condition and keep your horse as healthy as can be.

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