Guide to feeding a horse with Cushing’s disease

Cushing’s disease, also known as PPID, is a serious condition that affects the endocrine system of horses. It must be diagnosed by a vet who will provide medical advice. However, we have prepared a guide to take you through dietary considerations to help your horse lead as healthy a life as possible.

Tips for feeding a horse with Cushing’s disease

This guide takes a look at what Cushing’s disease is, and the signs to look out for that may indicate your horse is suffering from it. If a vet diagnoses it, the guide then provides advice on what you can do nutritionally speaking for your horse, and the science behind this.

Owning a horse with Cushing’s disease

It is not nice to know that your horse has a serious condition like PPID. But this guide will reassure you that, with the right care and diet, you can still help your horse lead a comfortable life – with many lovely shared experiences still to come.

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