Guide to feeding for breeding

Good nutrition is essential and feeding the mare appropriately at the right time can help to nip many issues in the bud! If you have any specific concerns you should always discuss these with your vet. However, we have prepared a helpful feeding for breeding guide to take you through dietary considerations for your mare and also their foal. 

Feeding for breeding

This guide explores the nutritional principles behind feeding broodmares at different stages throughout their pregnancy. It also discusses feeding their foals during the first year of their lives.  

Good nutrition is essential

Providing the correct nutrition for your mare can help to ensure a healthy pregnancy for her and her foetus. This guide will discuss the different requirements of your mare at keys stages throughout her pregnancy and what you can do to ensure that she is getting all the key nutrients that she needs in her diet. This guide also includes practical tips and feeding advice for your new foal for the first year of their life. 

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