Pure Fibre Balance: Perfect for good doers

Everything a good doer needs (and nothing more!)

Owning a good doer can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand it is relatively low cost to feed your horse, and they will not suffer from poor condition. But on the other, they may be excitable or prone to carrying extra weight. It may be a struggle to ensure they get a balanced diet with all the nutrients they need without adding fizz or encouraging weight gain.

Chestnut horse cantering through a cross country course

Meet Brodie the excitable Irish Sports horse

Sam Ottaway adores her Irish Sports horse, Brodie. “Brodie is a very forward going, and at times excitable, mare who needs no extra fizz in her food!”


Pure Feed’s perfect feed for good doers: Pure Fibre Balance

Pure Feed’s solution to feeding a good doer is Pure Fibre Balance. This contains a concentrated dose of our premium balancer mixed with grass chaff, oat straw chaff and unmolassed sugar beet giving it a high fibre content. However, it is also low calorie meaning it is perfect for horses that put weight on easily or are excitable.

Sam has had Brodie on Pure Fibre Balance for more than two years:

“Pure Feed have provided me with ongoing expert feeding advice which I’ve really valued. I feed her Pure Fibre Balance and she absolutely loves it. Feeding Brodie Pure Fibre Balance, coupled with decent quantities of good quality hay and excellent grazing have kept her in tip top condition this summer. I couldn’t be happier with the result. Brodie turns her hoof to all sorts of disciplines which she enjoys very enthusiastically.” 

Other benefits of Pure Fibre Balance

The high fibre content of Pure Fibre Balance means that it is excellent for hind gut health. And because it is also low in starch it is suitable for horses that have suffered with laminitis, or those that need a low sugar and low starch diet. As you can see from this picture of Brodie, Pure Fibre Balance helps you achieve a healthy, happy horse. For more information about Pure Fibre Balance click here.

We’ll leave the last word to Sam:

“I have been feeding Brodie Pure Fibre Balance for more than two and half years and I could not be happier. Thank you Pure Feed for your continued professional advice”

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