Encouraging weight gain with Pure Condition Mix

If your horse is losing weight you may start to get concerned. In the first instance you should always consult your vet to rule out any underlying health conditions that could be causing the weight loss. You can then look at their diet. Choosing a feed with slow release energy sources such as our Pure Condition mix can help to encourage weight gain and help get your horse back looking their best.
Bay horse, Beau stood on the yard

If you own a horse that struggles to maintain weight or your horse has started dropping weight, you’ll know how exasperating and expensive it can be. Our Pure Condition mix is perfect for encouraging weight gain and helping to add condition without causing fizzy behaviour. Pure Feed customer Sara knew just how difficult it could be to get a horse to gain weight, particularly when they have a foal at foot. But her mare, Beaujolis gained weight on our Pure Condition mix and they have never looked back.

“She started to put on weight well, despite still feeding a rather greedy foal”

Beaujolis came to me as a 6 yrs old mare with Scoot, her two week old black colt foal at foot . She was lame from a freak accident which was why she had been put in foal. She was imported from the Netherlands at 4 yrs old and is a branded Holstein Pink Paper Mare .

Scoot was a big colt and  her first foal so she was looking quite poor and I wanted to get her into better condition. The photos below shows Beau when she arrived.

Beau when she arrived, needing to gain weight
Beau and scoot when they arrived

After a chat with a Pure Feed nutritional expert we decided that Pure Condition Mix would be the best option for her to help encourage weight gain.

These are photos taken 4 weeks after being fed on Pure Condition mix. As you can see her coat gained a sheen very quickly and she started to pick up well despite still feeding a rather greedy foal .

Beau 4 wekks after being on Pure Condition Mix

What a difference!

Beau 12 weeks after arriving – What a difference from what arrived!

Beau after 12 weeks on Pure Condition
Beau 12 weeks later

Sara said “This is Beau 12 months after arriving with me – after monthly sessions with my amazing Physio Beau not only looks amazing thanks to Pure Condition Mix but is also sound and has started a ridden career also.

Beau after putting on weight with Pure Condition

Thank you to Pure Feed for helping Beau on her road to recovery.

Pure Condition Mix

Our Pure Condition Mix is full of slow release calories to help encourage weight gain and maintain condition, without causing diet related excitability. Pure Condition Mix is high in fibre and uses oil as the main source of energy. The feed is low in both sugar and starch helping to support positive behaviour. Our premium balancer is included to ensure that your horse is getting all the important daily nutrients that they need including vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Pure Condition Mix contains all the nutrients your horse needs to support a healthy diet, encourage weight gain and support topline and muscle tone.

Contact the Pure Feed Nutritional Team

For advice on feeding your horse to help them stay calm and focused when ridden, or for more information about Pure Feed contact our friendly nutritional team. You can email [email protected] or call 01458 333 333. You can also request a free diet plan for your horse. 

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